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A simple zipped pouch (pattern included)

Zipped pouch | Sewing project © Singer® Hong Kong

Zipped pouch | Sewing project © Singer® Hong Kong

Want to declutter your purse or your space? You can sew a pouch with your favorite patterned fabric for all your essentials, or create several pouches to organize your space tidily and nicely. To sew this pouch, you need to use a zipper foot in order to sew the zipper securely. If you want to create a set of pouches to store your belongings, simple resize the pattern provided below to create pouches of different sizes. 

Things you'll need

  • Cloth of solid color
  • Patterned cloth of your choice
  • Zipper
  • Fabric for lining
  • A sewing machine with zipper foot


Zipped pouch pattern | A simple zipped pouch | Sewing project © Singer® Hong Kong
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