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10 presser feet for beautiful sewing details

As we mentioned in our last post, presser feet are essential for sewing. Now that we've talked about the ones for basic precision and sewing components, how about we discuss the ones that create details which elevate your sewing projects? Read on to find out these ten presser feet and up your sewing game.

Rolled hem foot

Rolled hem foot is used for sewing narrow seams, making the seams look professionally sewn. It is mainly used in light to medium weight or sheer fabrics, so if you want to sew fine seams for blouses and scarves, this hem is a must-have. 

Open toe foot

With a wide opening at the front, this presser foot is used for sewing appliqué and sewing techniques that requires an unobstructed view of sewing area. The open toe foot can also be used to sew decorative stitches and embellishment.

Pintuck foot 

Want to add embellishment to garments and linens made of lightweight fabrics? Adding pintucks may be a good idea. Working with a twin needle and a pintuck foot helps you create raised, parallel tucks in fabrics, which gives subtle decoration to your sewing projects.

Gathering foot

If you want to create frilly, feminine garments, let gathering foot be your latest addition of your presser foot collection. This foot can gather a single fabric, or join a gathering fabric to a second flat fabric at the same time. It works best with soft and lightweight fabrics. Some of the project ideas includes ruffled skirts and blouses.

Fringe foot

As the name suggests, fringe presser foot creates loopy surface texture. There are two ways to create fringe on sewing projects. You can either sew with zigzag stitch to create the fringes with loops intact, or sew with overedge stitch, then cut them for an eyelash effect. Check out the following video for the insertion method and how-to guide.

Roller foot

If you work with thick fabrics, heavy knits or textured fabrics, you’ll need a roller presser foot to make sewing easier. Designed with a longer roller in the front and a set of smaller rollers in the back, The roller foot helps to move the fabrics which are difficult to feed slowly and steadily. You can also use the presser foot when sewing leather and vinyl fabrics, but bear in mind that you will need to change the type of needles according to the fabric type.

Non-stick foot

Apart from roller presser foot, non-stick presser foot can also help you sew leather, plastic, vinyl and oil cloth. With a slick surface on its underside, the presser foot lets the fabric glide underneath it. When working with vinyl, use leather needle which creates smaller holes, and set the machine for a straight stitch with a medium to long stitch setting since if the stitches are too short, the fabric may become perforated.

Satin stitch foot

Satin stitch foot can help sew appliqué or embellishment which decorative stitching is dense. When sewing appliqué, the stitch should be close enough so that no fabric shows through stitching, but still be able to let fabric feed. When sewing embellishment, you can use heavyweight threads and a larger needle.

Darning and embroidery foot

This versatile foot can be used for repairing holes and torn areas, embroidery, stipple quilting and creating monograms. Inserting the foot to the sewing machine requires removal of the presser foot holder, you can check out the steps in this how-to video.

Flower stitch presser foot

If you want to create beautiful floral patterns in your sewing project, you may find the flower stitch foot useful. You can create various design by sewing a single stitch pattern or concentric circles. You can also adjust the size of the pattern to be sewn by moving the prong of the circular base of the foot.

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