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2 things to check when the lower thread breaks

Illustration of lower thread breaks, a common sewing problem | Sewing tutorial © Singer® Hong Kong

Wrong thread tension and issues in bobbin case makes the lower thread break easily. If this occurs, you may check your machine if one of the following happens:

Bobbin case is threaded wrong

It is important to thread the bobbin case in the right way. Check both the bobbin and bobbin case. You should slip the bobbin thread into the side slot of the bobbin case and then bring up to the needle. Check out the details of inserting the bobbin here. 

Insert the bobbin by passing the thread side slots to avoid broken lower thread | Sewing tutorial © Singer® Hong Kong

Insert the bobbin in the case by passing the thread side slots.

The tension of lower thread is too tight

Like upper thread, lower thread breaks with accumulated strain when working with an excessively high tension. Lower the thread tension to see if the sewing improves.

Adjust tension to avoid broken lower thread | Sewing tutorial © Singer® Hong Kong

Working with a suitable tension can prevent lower thread from breaking.

(Credit: featured photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash)

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