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4 things that make your sewing machine needle breaks (and you may have overlooked them)

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

Maybe it's time to replace that needle.

This could be the reason your sewing machine cannot sew the fabric

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

Time to up your sewing game with presser feet.

We’ve got the 6 common reasons of seam puckering/gathering uncovered

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

Know the differences between materials and you can avoid the issue.

The 2 culprits that lead to bursting of weave threads of your favorite fabric

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

Don't want to ruin your newly purchased fabric? Pay attention to these two details.

The quick guide to 12 common sewing machine problems

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

The guide to common sewing machine issues you've been looking for. Good news: you can solve them by yourself.
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