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Endowed with a history of over a century and half, SINGER® has developed sophisticated yet accessible technology of sewing, which has become a necessity of every household and makes creative ideas possible. SINGER® has been the brand that displays sewing technology at its finest after the founder Mr Issaac Merritt Singer invented the world's first practical sewing machine in 1851. Followed by the introduction of the first practical electric sewing machine in 1889, the first zig-zag machine, and computerized sewing machines and embroidery machines since the turn of the 21st century, the brand strives for finesse and versatility of sewing technology with craftsmanship in mind. Domestic sewing machines enable people channel originality and warmth through sewing, from a few stitches to a quilt, from a weekend DIY task to a challenging creative project.

As the sole distributor of SINGER® in Hong Kong and featuring a handpicked selection of sewing machines, we deliver the refined and accessible experience of the sewing technology to our users' hands, from studio to household, preparing for your expression of craftsmanship and individuality. We also provide follow-up services to enhance the sewing experience.

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