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Pinking scissors

Product image 1SINGER® 9″ stainless steel pinking scissors opened. 展開的勝家® 9" 不鏽鋼鋸齒剪刀
Product image 2SINGER® C807 7″ stainless steel pinking scissors. 勝家® 7" 不鏽鋼鋸齒剪刀
Product image 3Pinking scissors in transparent soft-sided dust cover. 不鏽鋼鋸齒剪刀及透明塑膠保護套
Product image 4Pinking edges created by the pinking scissors. 剪刀在布上的鋸齒效果

Regular price $228.00

Enjoy 25% off discount with the code 'E8J054Z7XR7H' upon purchase of any sewing machine.

Made of stainless steel, SINGER® pinking scissors creates clear fabric finishing of pinking edges, giving refreshing details to handicraft projects.

Material Stainless steel
  • C807: 185g
  • C809: 246g
  • C807: 7 inch
  • C809: 9 inch
Maintenance Soft-sided transparent dust cover
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